How To Make Your Summer 18 The Best!!!

Summer is approaching quickly.  Even though it may still being snowing where you are right now there are only a couple more months of school left.   This means you must have plans for your summer adventures already planned out so you aren’t sitting at home bored right when it starts.  

First off obviously you must go to the beach.  Some of my favorite beaches around me are Long Beach in Gloucester, and Devereux Beach in Marblehead if you want to stay close to home.  Soaking up in the sun getting nice and tan is the best but you can’t forget to put on the sunblock.  Many think if you put it on you can’t get tan but that’s false!!  A sunburn is much worse for you.  The salt water at the beach is also very good for your skin.  It keeps it nice, clear and very healthy.  But for those that don’t enjoy the sand in there toes…. there is always the pool.  You can get some floaties and relax without too many people around you.

If you live in the New England area something that’s very fun to do is a day out in Boston.  There are so many shops to look around and obviously the best part is the food.  There are tons and tons of restaurants and bakery’s that you just have to go to!!! You can go out on the ferry or take the train in too.  But we all know everyone in Boston goes the Red Sox’s games.  It’s a must.  They also hold country concerts at Fenway Park.  

Which leads into another thing the country concerts.  The best thing to do over the summer.  Country music is the best especially during the summer.  Country Fest happens at the end of summer which is a whole bunch of artists playing.

Something else fun to do over the summer is amusement parks or the usually have little carnivals in your town.  Places like Six Flags, Water Country and Canobie Lake are a hit to go to.  Six flags is definetly the place for the most fun if your older and love roller coasters.

Hitting Cape Cod for the week or the Vineyard is a must if you love the beach.  It’s the most coziest, preppy place that so many people love to go to.  There are many great beaches and restaurants.  The little shops are great too.  Down the Cape they have very popular icecream shops and a drive-in movie theater.

Many people love playing sports in the summer since you can be in the sun then hop right in the pool.  There are so many things to do so you better get planning.  Whether it’s a hike,  long car rides or even shopping at the outlets in Maine and New Hampshire there’s always an adventure.


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